The practical face of modernity. These wood-finishes for security doors do not require maintenance. The materials used are a pre-painted checker plate with a supporting plate and MDF water-resistant. Many models and a wide range of colours are proposed, also the wood effect.

We offer a large selection of pantographed panels, matt or glossy lacquered MDF panels and different types of wood. We customize your door according to your tastes and thanks to a wide range of colours and designs.

The security doors with pantographed panels with inserts are a sign of refinement, with their wide range of colour effects. The inserts are details of great personality; embedded in the panels, they highlight the modern character of our doors.

Ideal for interiors or apartments not exposed to atmospheric agents, the smooth or lacquered MDF wood panels enrich the door with elegance and style. We use woods like tanganyika, wengè or gray oak, many proposals and colours at your disposal for an elegant entrance.

Private House 01

Double-leaf security front door, with fanlight glass frame, aluminum ashlar panels, colour: cherry.

Private House 02

Double-leaf security front door (one opening door and one fixed door with transparent glass), with fanlight transparent glass frame, pantographed okoume marine wood panels, wengè metal inserts.

Private House 03

Double-leaf security front door (one opening door and one fixed door with letterbox), with fanlight opaque glass frame, steel knocker and handles, pantographed okoume panels.

Private House 04

Double-leaf security front door, 3 opaque 19 mm security glass windows, aluminium ashlar panels (colour red Raffaello), steel handle, European cylinder lock.

Private House 05

Three-leaf security front door (two fixed doors and one opening door), with fanlight opaque glass frame, 19 mm opaque security glass, European cylinder lock (anti shock defender and class 3 anti-burglary cylinder protection), aluminium ashlar panels Renolit, wood effect.